Upcoming events

    • 21 Jun 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • MGM Resorts International® ~ 840 Grier Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119 ~ Training Room 1
    • 17

    How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact

    This presentation will help learning professionals glean insight on practical yet valid ways to go for the gold when telling the story of learning impact!  It will present an approach that is based on reasonable use of evaluation data and business operations data.  Collectively this information can be used to highlight value creation, identify improvements and associate learning to business outcomes.


    • Understand evidence as opposed to proof
    • Review the types of evidence available to Learning & Development professionals
    • Learn how to collect, report and discuss evidence to tell the story of impact

    Jeffrey Berk is Chief Operations Officer at Performitiv, a program impact optimization technology company.  As COO, Jeffrey helps shape the strategy and manages day-to-day operations at Performitiv.  Jeffrey has been in the learning measurement field for nearly 20 years.  He has co-authored 2 books on human capital analytics; and is an adjunct professor on performance measurement and process improvement in Chicago.

    Jeffrey believes there is a significant need to provide practical insights to show reasonable and credible methods of showcasing learning's value and impact on the business.  This workshop will provide that for our ATD Greater Las Vegas membership and guests!

    • 19 Jul 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • TBD
    • 39

    Open Board Meeting

    You are invited to attend an open ATD Chapter Board Meeting on July 19, 2019.

    You should attend if you:

    • are curious about what goes into an ATD Chapter Board Meeting
    • have ever thought about volunteering for the Greater Las Vegas Chapter
    • are interested in becoming a member of the Las Vegas Chapter Board of Directors
    • want to see what goes into preparing an event or want to learn more about how your chapter dues are being tracked and spent
    This is free to all chapter members, so register today and join us!
    • 07 Aug 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
    • TBD
    • 40

    Closed Board Strategic Planning Meeting (No Chapter Meeting)

    ATD Greater Las Vegas Chapter Board meets annually in August to begin building the next year's programming to support the local market's needs.

    • 20 Sep 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • TBD
    • 40

    Performance Management

    There are times when even the best stars simply fail to meet our expectations at some point. Some manage to recover, some don't. What is different between the two?

    More details about this meeting to come.

    • 18 Oct 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • TBD
    • 40

    Managing Risk Through Training

    We rely on compliance training to ensure we manage risk and its associated cost. But how do we make compliance learning something employees see as their personal responsibility? In other words, how do we create a culture of compliance.

    More details about this meeting to come.

    • 15 Nov 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • TBD
    • 40

    ATD Unconference - A Participant-Driven Meeting

    The ATD Greater Las Vegas Unconference is a participant-driven meeting where you will have the opportunity to be both the subject matter expert and a participant.

    More details about this meeting to come.

    • 13 Dec 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    • TBD
    • 40

    Gold Medal Tribute to Learning Award Winning Projects

    Join last years Tribute to Learning award recipients as they share their insightful and creative solutions. 

    In this session, ATD Chapter members will learn from a panel of our local award winners about the challenges, "A-HA" moments, and ultimately the successes they experienced. This will be an interactive session, so there will be plenty of time for Q&A.

    Learn from the following winners:

    • Levi Strauss & Co. - Last year’s award winner for Performance Improvement demonstrated an analysis process to gather data and identify root causes.  As solutions were implemented and more opportunities were uncovered, they were immediately addressed.  Through building and sustaining relationships, the organizational goals of this initiative were achieved.
    • Janek Performance Group - The Instructional Design award submission outlined an extensive, collaborative needs analysis process to establish competencies, learning outcomes and delivery approach.  The learning was developed incorporating a variety of methods, allowing the solution to be deployed on a large scale.  Evaluation of the project was tied directly to design, as well as the business impact. 
    • Cydcor - The winner of the Training Delivery award demonstrated using a variety of learning methods aligned with the learners’ needs, managing the learning environment, application of learning reinforcement and ensuring the outcomes of the learning met the objectives of the initiative.
    • Janek Performance Group - The Change Management award winner applied diagnostic tools to determine the desired cultural shift.  First establishing sponsorship by senior management supported the change intervention.  Evaluation tools were used at various intervals to determine impact and sustainability.
    • To learn more, visiatdlasvegas.org/news and scroll down to last year's event: 2018 Tribute to Learning Winners !


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11 Oct 2013 SNHRA Best Places to Work Awards
04 Oct 2013 Paint Like Van Gogh Event
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17 May 2013 Transforming Learning: Predictions, High Impact Learning Organizations and Technology Trends
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11 Sep 2012 ASTD Las Vegas' Night of Service at Three Square Food Bank
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15 Aug 2012 10 Steps to Successful Project Management
14 Aug 2012 The People Side of Project Management
08 Jun 2012 ASTD Wine and Beer Night
18 May 2012 ASTD Chapter Meeting
12 May 2012 Drowning Prevention "Walk and Knock"
06 May 2012 2012 International Conference and Exposition
05 May 2012 Sugan G Komen Race for the Cure
23 Mar 2012 ASTD Chapter Meeting
12 Mar 2012 ASTD National Telling Ain't Training Conference
29 Feb 2012 ASTD Las Vegas February Meeting - Franklin Covey
15 Feb 2012 Panevino Restorante Networking Event
25 Jan 2012 ASTD TechKnowledge 2012
16 Jan 2012 MLK Day of Service
13 Jan 2012 ASTD Las Vegas January Meeting - State of the Chapter
04 Oct 2011 Pizza Night & Networking Event
16 Sep 2011 Triple Impact Practitioners’ Program: Conscious Use of Self and Organizational Change
24 Jun 2011 ASTD Las Vegas June Meeting - State of the Chapter
10 Jun 2011 ASTD Las Vegas Summer 2011 Wine Night
20 May 2011 May Monthly Meeting

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